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Allora Apparel

Youth-Led, Altruistic, and Environmentally-Friendly Streetwear

The Allora Apparel Story

Although Allora Apparel is located in the Czech Republic, the word “allora" itself is an Italian expression, commonly used as a filler word and approximately translating to “therefore”.  When the idea of Allora Apparel first sparked within Matyas and I, this expression became a mantra of sorts, a core pillar of the company. It was 2020 and the cacophony of life was catching up to us; with the Covid-19 pandemic and the tough times it brought, everything seemed so uncertain…and terrifying.


And yet, it all still happened. 

There was a strange stability in that idea. Life had happened and it would continue to happen, and therefore…allora…the only thing we could do was to adapt to the dynamic future before us. 


Allora Apparel seeks to take that uncertain future and mould it into something we can all be proud of, utilising positive and safety-promoting messaging, and extensive and careful protection of the environment, to that end. These ideas pervade not only the process with which we create our clothing, but also the designs and motifs we choose.


Striving to change the world sometimes seems like such an impossible goal. But there’s a lot of us thinking on the same thread, and allora, we will do it, one shirt at a time.

-Matthew Brewer

Our Greatest Mission

We here at Allora Apparel pride ourselves on our sustainability.


The fashion industry as a whole, however, cannot say the same thing. It is of the world's largest producers of harmful CO2 emissions, as well as enabling the outpouring of fast fashion trends that, in turn, create an abundance of wasted materials. As if that isn’t bad enough, cotton, per kilo, takes roughly 10,000 liters of water to produce, which is about 10 years of drinking water for a human being. Fashion, in its current state, is a human luxury that is tearing our Planet to shreds.


The solution, of course, lies in sustainable alternatives to clothing. It lies in understanding our purchases and their impacts; and yet being able to enjoy good clothing guilt-free. This is why Allora Apparel only uses sustainably-made clothes, in partnership with Stanley and Stella. Stanley and Stella makes 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton clothing, which is much better for our Planet as the materials are recycled, saving water and significantly reducing toxic production. There are no toxic chemicals utilised in the making of the clothing, and working conditions are just and fair. 


With your help, we would like to try to make this the new norm for clothing worldwide.


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